Diversity or Death

“Diversity or Death” a work by Melika Abdel Razzak and Soraya Ghezelbash.
Diversity or Death was triggered by a research into the botanical heritage of the Mediterranean, and more specifically the flora currently found within the urban landscape of Amman.
The common tendency within environmental practice is to preserve the native flora of a geographical location by eliminating invasive and non-native species. This practice poses several questions: What are the moral limits and responsibilities of human intervention on nature? Is the question of preservation independent of time and geographical designation? And to what extent should humans try to control nature’s transformation?
Diversity or Death proposes to think of  nativity as an ephemeral concept. The work is made of a poetic text investigating these environmental questions  and a poster of a fictitious plant. The poster image, which at once looks familiar and unfamiliar, is a digital composite of native and non-native flora that are currently found within the landscape of the city.

The work was exhibited from June 11 2016 in the gallery Turbo and was made in the frame of the art program Spring Sessions 2016, Amman, Jordan.